Why Garden Design?

‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works’ - Steve Jobs

When having your garden designed our main focus is around three factors; Maximising your budget, creating a space that you love and ensuring the garden works properly, in every way. From ensuring the steps up to the terrace are easy to climb, safe and look good, to creating a patio with minimal cutting and wastage of paving. So whilst garden design does have a financial cost, it should pay for itself in the carefully thought out use of materials and of course the removal of ‘head scratching’ time by the landscaper on site!

Gardens are living things and so realisation of a design is a bit more than just what it looks like when we finish. The planting schemes are designed with year round interest and an eye on the future so that it looks great to start with but continues to improve with age if maintained properly.

Finally, garden design is about creating a space that works well with the surroundings, fits in with the architecture of your home, is environmentally sound and is a place that fits in with your lifestyle.